Boron Carbide Powder Material of Mudanjiang Occupies Four Components of International Market


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Boron Carbide Powder Material of Mudanjiang Occupies Four Components of International Market

2018/11/27 13:22
In recent years, Mudanjiang actively develops new information industry, which has begun to take shape. There are 48 regular enterprises, accounting for about 7% of the industry. The products mainly include four series: hard materials, special fibers and composite materials, new chemical raw materials and new building function materials.
Mudanjiang is rich in mineral resources. 80 kinds of mineral deposits have been found and 41 proven ones have been found, accounting for 47.1% of Heilongjiang Province and 17.5% of the whole country. It has abundant coal, oil shale and other energy resources, iron, copper, gold and other metal resources, graphite, silica, wollastonite, calcite, quartz sand, refractory clay, basalt, granite, perlite, pumice, volcanic lime, marble and other non-metallic resources.
Through the development in recent years, the types of new materials industrial products in Mudanjiang City have developed from single boron carbide to dozens of types such as silicon carbide, boron carbide, industrial silicon, special ceramic materials and manufactured products. Boron carbide powder accounts for 40% of the international market and 80% of the domestic market; 80% of industrial manufactured products are exported, accounting for 15% of the international market and 80% of the domestic market. Mudanjiang is the largest export base of international green silicon carbide powder data, with an annual export volume of more than 20,000 tons, accounting for 60% of the international market. Mudanjiang Special Data Industry Base has been recognized as the national high-tech skills industrialization base, and has become one of the three national high-tech skills Industrialization Bases in Heilongjiang Province. Mudanjiang is also an important production area of graphite in our province. The proven reserves of graphite ore in Mudanjiang are 240 million tons. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, three graphite deep processing projects will be constructed.
Mudanjiang has also actively promoted the research and development of new data, and has become the national "863 Program" special data industrial base determined by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Jingang Boron Carbide Co., Ltd. has post-doctoral mobile workstation and provincial enterprise skill center. Chenxi Boron Carbide Company and Shanghai Silicate Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences have established an industry-university-research alliance. It has many research and development organizations, such as Provincial Paper Industry Research Institute and Cemented Carbide Research Institute. The new Provincial Key Laboratory of carbon-based function and superhard data of Mudanjiang Normal University has 33 doctors and masters. It undertakes 25 scientific research projects at or above the provincial and ministerial level and has obtained 3 National patents. It is mainly engaged in the application research of diamond film and related materials, low-dimensional data and electronic function data.