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Credit:Credit is our development talent and service standard. We can only obtain the greatest development possibility through touching people by credit, convincing people by credit and forming atmosphere full of trust and hope inside and outside the enterprise.

Participation:Participation embodies team spirit. All staff can only form high spirit and strong will and the enterprise can only form a towering tree with profound base when all staff participates in enterprise development wholeheartedly.

Passion:Passion means optimistic and positive spiritual look and our enthusiasm and sincerity towards customers. It is also the source for our constant pursuit and progress;

Innovation:The enterprise can only have vitality through innovation and can only flourish and grow by continuously adopting new thought and new methods, continuously developing new inventions and new creations, and continuously producing new technologies and new fruits.

Harmony:Harmony is the base of enterprise survival and development and relates to the ability of the company in providing long-term satisfactory service for customers. Harmony is the foundation of a society and our permanent pursuit; harmony is a result and more a process. It tells us: Only by sticking to sincerity, passion, participation and constant innovation can the long-term harmony between the company and customers and between the enterprise and the market and society be achieved.